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    Code 101

    Intro to Software development and a Career in Tech

    Code 101 is a one-day immersive workshop that's the perfect place to figure out if coding is for you. You’ll get a sneak peek of what a career in coding involves, plus a taste of the Code Fellows PDX learning experience.

    Learn how websites are built and code one yourself using industry-standard tools and professional coding practices.


    Cost: $99


    Dates: 4/18, 5/13, 6/10, 7/8, 8/5


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    Code 102

    Take the Next Step - Intro to JavaScript

    5 evenings in 1 week.


    Ready to move past the concepts covered in Code 101 and work with experienced developers who will guide you through your online learning? Join us for Code 102! You will become better acquainted with your computer as a developer tool, learn vocabulary & shortcuts, and blast through Codecademy’s JavaScript tutorials.


    Cost $299


    Start Dates: 4/17, 7/17, 10/9


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    Code 201

    Foundations of Software Development

    Daytime Track: 4 Weeks; Nights & Weekends Track: 8 Weeks


    Get used to writing syntax and pushing code thru the basics of web development through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the tools and best practices used by software developers around the world.

    Result: Able to create basic websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and qualify you for Code 301


    Cost $3500


    Start Dates - Daytime track: 5/1, 7/31, 10/23. Evening track: 7/31



    Code 301

    Intermediate Software Development​

    Daytime Track: 4 Weeks; Nights & Weekends Track: 8 Weeks

    What’s the technology behind launching a web app and working with a software development team? In this course, you will go beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax and learn how to launch a web app, collaborate on projects, use advanced frameworks and libraries, and work with basic algorithms and data structures.


    Cost $4500


    Start Dates - Daytime track: 5/30, 8/28, 11/20. Evening track: 4/17, 10/9



    Code 401


    Advanced Software Development - Professional Level​

    Daytime Track: 10 Weeks


    Get advanced technical and professional skills and training to land a job in the industry. This course offers an in-depth study and practice of the technologies, tools, and processes needed to be a software developer in Full Stack JavaScript. You’ll learn to create web servers that power the internet by serving applications and data, and create complex web applications that allow users to interact with data, in a way that is sustainable in a team environment.


    Cost $12,000


    Start Dates - 7/10, 4/10, 10/2



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